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Sieradz  is a county city located in central Poland In Lodz Province over the Varta River. City is the crossroads of state Road No. 12 and No.14 running to Wroclaw (160kms), Lodz (60kms) and Poznan (180kms) . In the nearby city neighbourhood national road S8 is planned to be constructed to join A-4 and A-1 international highways.  60 kms from Sieradz there is Lodz Airport Lublinek (LCJ). Our city has also direct railway connections with Dresden, Leipzig, Frankfurt am Mein and Prague.

The Sieradz Vodka Production Company-Polmos Sieradz (distillery) for sale is fitted with such technical infrastructure as: own abyss wells of Jurassic waters and much beds of cretaceous waters, own water utilization plant, own rail siding, asphalt squares and internal ways, electric lines, waterpipe and sewage systems, telephone lines.   

First historical records of vodka presence in Poland dates back to 1405year. Some historians claim, however, that this drink has been produced in Poland, exactly in Cracow about 100years earlier. This would make Poland the vodka homeland.

History of POLMOS SIERADZ begins in 1907 when the local businessman erected distillery and yeasts plant and began spirit rectification. The small, then, plant gave birth to the firm that lasted on during partitions and two world wars. The Sieradz Vodka Production Company-Polmos Sieradz   produced many famous  brand vodkas: Vodka Sieradzka, herbal Sour Vodka, Ratafia( Cherry Vodka), Alaska Vodka, Dr Ozda Vodka, VIP Vodka, Firebrigade Vodka, Rowan-berry Vodka, Long Joy, Sieradzka gin-seng Vodka, Sieradz Brandy, Sieradzka de-luxe Vodka, Belvedere Vodka. Many of them have been exported to EU countries and to the USA. For long time the distillery had run production on order of Belvedere Co. Ltd.

The plant facitilties for sale comprise almost 4000sqm and many other alcohol producing facilities, including: two alcohol filling lines, water utilization plants, many other units of renowned producers like: KOSME, PROGETTI, KRONES, ALFA, PAFAMA, ALL WIENER, FUTINOX, BODINI, SPOLEX, SUMBEL – CORONA, PABLO, MILFOR, EURO)


- located in central Poland, close to airport and highways

-low labor costs

-own abyss wells of Jurassic waters and much beds of cretaceous waters

-long time production tradition

-cooperation with Belvedere and Sobieski companies to produce vodkas upon order

-highly skilled workers

-investment bonus- 5 year release of commercial property tax from Sieradz president( local tax)


contact:           All additional informations to be delivered at:
mobiles.     +48 508 139 669 ; +48 501 629 094

tel.     (0048) 43 827 52 70
agrojumal@onet.pl; agrojumal@pro.onet.pl
or directly at:  
ul. Wojska Polskiego 23
98-200 Sieradz/Poland